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Package Builder
Ready to install the full version of InstaTech on your own server? Use the below Package Builder tool to create an installer package!

This package includes the ASP.NET server itself, the Windows client, and the Windows service (Linux and Mac builds not included). They are delivered in a single install file that also configures your IIS server with all the prerequisite settings.

(Note: You will need to install an SSL certificate afterward. The installer will provide instructions when it's finished.)
Client Downloads
The below downloads are available for unlimited personal use and for trial business use. They run on the demo services at

For business use, please install InstaTech on your own server or contact me regarding hosting plans using Microsoft Azure.
Version 1.2.0
Coming soon.
Remote Control Tool
Use the remote control tool below to connect to any of the above clients.

Link: InstaTech Remote Control
Source Code
The InstaTech client and server are open source under the Apache 2 license. You're free to download it, experiment with it, or fork it. You can view a copy of the license here.

If you're interested in having an InstaTech server hosted for you on Microsoft Azure, please contact me.

Client Code:
Server Code:
Utilities & Scripts
Below are tools and scripts I've created to automate tasks or make IT admin work just a little easier. They are all open source, so you're free to use and redistribute them.

InstaTech Player
A video player for recorded InstaTech remote control sessions.

Links: Download, Source Code

Service Deployer
This tool can deploy the InstaTech service to remote computers on your network. The WMI service must be running on the remote machine(s), and you need administrator credentials.

Downloads: EXE, PS1

GPO Service Deployer
This script is intended to be deployed via GPO and will install the service. Important: You must set the download URL in the script before deploying.

Downloads: PS1

An app I made for packaging PowerShell and batch scripts into EXEs, along with any required resource files. This is the app used to create the Service Deployer and the InstaTech Server setup packages.

Links: Download, Info Page, Source Code

More to come!

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